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Practical Nursing

The Stigma Surrounding Narcotic Use (PN)

Jackee, Jenna, Stephanie, Elizabeth, and Trixie

Self Care in Healthcare (PN)

Jade, Lijun, Ocea, Hailey, Del

Mental Health in the Older Adult (PN)

Kate, Dona, Sydney, Laura and Ashna

The Importance of Correct Dosage Calculations in Medication Administration (PN)

Amanda McCulley, Terra Parker, Jordan Cooper, Jody Boyko and Tara McKierahan

Ergonomics in Health Care and Patient Safety (CMLA & PN)

By Shirolyn Lagarde, Geremy Galapon, Daniela Gonzalez, Jomarie Jubas, Camosun College, Health and Human Services, CMLA and LPN Programs

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