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Dental Hygiene

Head and Neck Modifications (DHYG)

Sarah Batalha, Carlie De Jong, Samantha Kube

Classifying Periodontal and Peri-Implant Diseases (DHYG)

Mina Sahin and Kristina Yepes

Homeopathic Medicine: What Dental Hygienists Need to Know (DHYG)

Marissa Kennedy, Kelly MacFarlane, and Jessica Romans, Dental Hygiene Program

How Silver Diamine Fluoride Can Change Dental Care (DHYG)

Laura DeBeck, Ashley Dukeshire, Dental Hygiene Program

The Efficacy of Botox Treatment on Temporomandibular Dysfunction (DHYG)

Emily Nguyen and Justin Pancho, Dental Hygiene Program

Are Probiotics Effective as an Adjunct in Periodontal Therapy? (DHYG)

Emma Balneaves and Chelsey Bell, Dental Hygiene Program

Tooth Whitening – Is It Safe? (DHYG)

Adelène Buchanan, Carson Landsberger

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