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Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant

Personal Protective Equipment (MRAD & CMLA)

Kimberly Perigrino, Ji Young Kim, Mary Balladares

Plant Medicine (CMLA)

AnonyJada Belleau, Kaleih Lafleur mous

My Eyes Are My Ears & My Hands Are My Mouth (MRAD & CMLA)

Sam Ashmawy, Emily Shannon, Sheida Assadnassab, & Amanda Urbshott; Camosun College MRAD & CMLA Students

Ergonomics in Health Care and Patient Safety (CMLA & PN)

By Shirolyn Lagarde, Geremy Galapon, Daniela Gonzalez, Jomarie Jubas, Camosun College, Health and Human Services, CMLA and LPN Programs

Discrimination Against LGBTQ Patients (CMLA)

Lily Squire, Rachel Peckford, Dean Rush, Wenting Zhang , Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant

Black Patients and The Healthcare System (CMLA)

Nyasha Katedza, Jess Wilmot, Parker Johnson, Cara Samuel, Vishnu Punwani

Plant Medicine (CMLA)

Jada Belleau, Kaleih Lafleur, CMLA Program

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