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Black Patients and The Healthcare System

Outline Learning Outcomes / Intentions 

  • Awareness of how bias in the Healthcare system affects POC and Black Patient outcomes.
  • Knowledge about a patient demographic and how health practitioners’ interactions with these patients affect patient health and patient outcomes
  • Discussion – equitable access to Healthcare.

Please follow this link view to the video – Black Patients in Health Care


Black Patients in Health Care (Video)










“When we think of complex patients, we picture an aging population with multiple chronic diseases. It’s important we all understand that inequity and racism are disease equivalents in terms of their impact. They contribute to complexity and poor outcomes in the same way diabetes and hypertension do.”

—Dr. Gary Newton, President and CEO of Sinai Health System

Results / Conclusions 

“ more work around equitable access to health care services, gaps in care and outcomes must be undertaken to improve health equity.” SHS-BEHC report


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