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What is aesthetic dentistry?

Dental work that improves the appearance, although not necessarily the functionality, of teeth, gums and/or bite.

The word “aesthetic” in greek loosely translates into  concern with nature and the appreciation of art and beauty. So the practice of aesthetic dentistry works with the foundation of altering imperfections and transforming them into a final product that is seamless and looks natural. Technically mimicking natural beauty and for lots of aesthetic dentists they consider their work as somewhat of an art. 

Aesthetic dentistry history:

As early as 3000 BC an Egyptian dentist created something that we now call a bridge. It was 3 teeth fastened together with gold wire to fill in gaps where their natural teeth were missing. A few other examples include the Etruscans fabricating fake teeth with gold and cattle teeth and the Chinese who used a similar substance to silver amalgam paste to fill holes caused by decay.

The science behind aesthetic dentistry:

The materials being used today are far more durable than the ones a few years ago. A good example is amalgam, back in the days we used to put amalgam on the prep tooth but now we are using composite which provides the same look as the tooth. Not only that, but composite also provides better protection for the tooth. Corrosion is extremely common in amalgam which leads to microleakage unlike composite in which it will fill the entire prep without worrying on corrosion and microleakage. Also when eating, amalgam causes a galvanic reaction when touched by other types of metal, such as a fork or spoon,  which will provide a sharp sensation on the tooth which does not happen with composite filler. Composite it is set directly after placing it with the use of curing light and it is made of resin or an organic filler.

 Benefits of aesthetic dentistry:

Not only aesthetic dentistry improves our appearance but also protects against other dental issues. Here are some of the benefits of aesthetic dentistry.

  1.  Save a lot more money in the long run- Although dental procedures such as having a composite restoration or dental implant can be pricey but as long as you take care of your oral health then dental issues don’t continue to neglect your teeth, this way you end up saving money.
  2. Improves Self-Confidence- You probably feel embarrassed when you show off your smile with crooked, missing, or stained teeth but with the help of aesthetic dentistry, this can improve your self esteem and boost your confidence level. Because finally you can start showing your beautiful smile. 
  3. Enjoy any kind of food you want- Having a tooth missing impacts the way we eat and makes it difficult to chew some types of food. After having the dental implant done then once it’s finished and finally healed, you will be able to enjoy any type of food again without any fear of increasing the damage of your teeth. However, having dentures may not be easy at first, start with the soft diet and once you gain confidence and experience then you can try eating chewy food.

Most common procedure: Tooth bleaching

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